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JM KORAL, s.r.o.

JM KORAL, s.r.o. is a family company located in the beautiful countryside with a long bead tradition that lies in the same distance from Jizerské hory  (Jizera mountains) and Český ráj (Czech paradise).

The company was founded in 1993 as KORAL firm; the owner ran the business as a natural person on his own with one employee back then. The production was focused on the pressed beads.  Later on, the owner began to polish cut-beads for companies that produced them.  Polishing took place in a classic „polishing furnace“ heated by hard beech wood in the open fire like in old times when the name of these beads came into existence – fire-polished beads.  Beads had been polished this way till the end of 1999 when this polishing procedure was superseded by a new one, which make use of chamber electric furnace and is more efficient and easier for operation.

That year thanks to multi-year practice and rich experience the owner decided to expand the company and rebranded as JM KORAL s.r.o. began his own production of fire-polished beads.  We pursue a classic range of products, but our main specialization are pre-cut beads in various shapes, colors and decors. We cooperate actively with our customers when designing new shapes or decors.  Our beads travel and delight both in our country and abroad. 

In January 2017 we received a certificate „Regionální produkt Jizerské hory“ (Regional product of Jizera mountains).

We were among the first producers who started using beads for production of bead decorations especially for Christmas. 

You can buy our beads and other products in our corporate shop, in our e-shop or you can meet us  at selected craft fairs and open-air markets.

„We believe in keeping glass-making tradition in our bead region and hope that even future generations will be able to admire beauty of glass costume jewellery.“

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JM KORAL, s.r.o.

Bratříkov 69
468 21 Bratříkov
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 603 990 010


ID: 25423053